Michael Jackson – Death by Medicine, How to Avoid the Reaper

Michael Jackson, dead at age 50. Probable cause of death: medicine. Celebrities in the US are being killed faster by prescription drugs than their sometimes wild lifestyles. The list of major celebrities killed by medical drugs just in the last year: Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith. Michael Jackson is the most notable celebrity to be killed recently by prescribed medication.

Taking Drugs Can Kill

Michael Jackson was taking pain killers and possibly other benzodiazepine drugs. Both drugs produce physical and mental depression. Drugs produce damaging effects.

The proper question to ask oneself before taking or accepting any drug for any situation is “How much damage am I willing to live or die with to get the desired effects I’m looking for?” Remember that those effects build on top of the earlier drug effect and creates a worsening condition, even if you can’t immediately perceive it.

Each individual will react differently to drugs. There is no such thing as a drug that follows natural laws, like gravity or adhesion. Every drug, even over the counter drugs like Aspirin or Tylenol, kill more people every year than the Flu.

Who’s Making A Killing From Drug Sales

Who benefits by keeping people ignorant of drug damage and effects? The people and companies who produce, market, sell and make a living from drug sales.

Many people in the industry of selling drugs want to help others be healthier and happier. Few want people to suffer or experience loss. But why are people not better informed about drug effects before they begin to take them?

Doctors are told patients wouldn’t take drugs if all the bad effects were also made known to them. Therefore Doctors fail to keep their Hippocratic Oath. One part of that oath is to warn and give full disclosure to patients about the effects of drug treatment.

Drug sales are fueled by effective popular marketing to the general population and Medical Doctors, Medical students and to Governmental agencies like the FDA or Health Canada on this side of the boarder.

Currently pharmaceutical sales reps, called ‘Drug Detailers’ are relied upon to inform doctors and government about the benefits and harms of drug therapy. Most Drug Detailers are hired for their looks, communications and salesmanship of pharmaceuticals.

Get Full Disclosure Of All Drug Effects From Your Doctor Or Pharmacist

Where does this leave you, the consumer? A victim of drugs or innocent bystander of the damage created by ignorance. Doctors have a duty to their patients. Doctors should fully inform their patients of all drug effects before recommending drug use.

Getting an alternative recommendation by either an integrative doctor or alternative medicine doctor, can prevent you from continuing to suffering from your doctor’s ignorance.

Are you ready to end dependence safely and pain-free to prescription medications?

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The Magic Bullet – Is Modern Medicine Really a Cure Or Just a Bandage?

For thousands of years, people thought of diseases and illness as spiritual matters or things from the outside of the body attacking a person. They used herbs, rituals, manipulative therapy (massage, chiropractic, water therapies) and especially food to counteract the malevolent forces. But they all agreed, if the body wasn’t susceptible to the force, the person wouldn’t have gotten sick.

Then, in the 1800s, an accidental discovery opened human eyes to the microscopic worlds, and led to the germ theory of modern day. This theory states that all illnesses are caused by a single cause, a microscopic entity and therefore can be cured by a single treatment, known as a magic bullet. For nearly a century after, this was called penicillin. Today we know of a large number of bacteria that are not affected by antibiotics at all. Viruses have rarely been susceptible.

Ever since the germ theory arrived, there have been a small minority of scientists that rejects the single cause theory, magic bullet theory, and believe that it is the host’s susceptibility the infection that determines if the bacteria or virus can cause illness or not. Dr. Roger Williams expounded upon this idea in the 1950’s in his book Biochemical Individually. He was able to show how ‘normal’ people varied in their biochemistry and showed that ‘normal’ covers a very wide range. He also explained this is the reason some people can be severely disabled by a substance, while others feel no effect and still more that thrive. This correlated to the idea if the host is susceptible, it will get sick.

This idea of biochemical individuality is the reason why the theory of a magic bullet will not work. To eliminate illnesses, cancers and allergies in people, the individual must be taken into account when treating the problem. It has been well documented that certain people have been infected with a bacteria or virus and successfully eradicated it without becoming sick.

This is not to say modern medicine and pharmaceuticals have not been beneficial. Indeed, society would be much worse off without them and many, many people would not be alive. However, modern medicine often only treats the symptoms, not the cause, of such illnesses. An antihistamine stops the body from reacting to an allergen, but does not treat why the body reacted in the first place. The arthritis drug stops the pain of arthritis but does not fix the joints. There needs to be a better way. And there is, keep the body healthy through nutrition.

Ancient peoples had fewer health problems than we do based on analysis of preserved bodies. Many nutritionists have found that the diets of the people consisted of mainly fruits, vegetables and lean game meats. Grains were complex and always eaten cooked, with their hulls intact. We can recreate that type of diet we are programmed to eat is a very simple way. Removing processed foods, excess sugars and trans-fats from out diet in a huge start. Further refining this is to eat lean proteins, and many different types of vegetables and fruits. Many people feel instant energy and improved health within days of beginning to eat healthier. Of course, to reach full heath takes time, most people did not become sick right away. Be sure to contact your physician before starting a new health regime.

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